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Prabuddha Bharata

January 2022 Issue

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Important Notice:
Dear Prabuddha Bharata Subscribers, 
Namaskars. Due to the problems with the local postal services here, many subscribers complain of not receiving their magazines in a timely manner. For this reason, we strongly encourage all of our subscribers to opt for a registered tracking post which is an extra 300 rupees per year. You may go to our link and make payment to add registered post for up to three years. In addition, if any Prabuddha Bharata subscriber within India does not receive their issue by the 25th of the month, please notify us via email and include your subscriber name, address, pin code number, and subscription number. We shall send another copy of the magazine to you.
Also, we have decided to stop forthwith all new life (20 years) and patron (25 years) subscription options.
Our revised rates are as follows:
Single issue: ₹20 Rupees
Annual Special issue: ₹100 Rupees


Registered Postage for Prabuddha Bharata

Note: This product is not related to subscription fees for Prabuddha Bharata. It is simply an additional postage charge so that our pb subscribers may receive the issue in a timely manner.

  • Postage for Switching from a one year Normal post to a one year Registered Post subscription. – Rs. 300 /-
  • Postage for Switching from a three year Normal Post to a three year Registered Post subscription. – Rs. 830/-
  • If you wish to opt for the registered post in the middle of your subscription term, please email us ([email protected]) and we will provide you with the details for the amount which would have to be paid.
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