Sri Sarada Devi


Sri Sarada Devi, or the Holy Mother — as she is popularly called, was the illustrous consort of Sri Ramakrishna. To her came countless men and women seeking spiritual solace. By her maternal solicitude, winsome simplicity, and purity of character, she transformed the lives of many devotees. She nurtured the Ramakrishna Movement in its initial stages. In and through her Sri Ramakrishna sought to give India and the world a myriad-faceted gem of the ideal of womanhood at its noblest and best. We find in her life reincarnate all those ideals for which the greatest of Indian women stood for in the ages past — Sita’s unswerving devotion and service to her lord through all the vicissitudes of fortune, Savitri’s chastity and dauntlessness, Gargi’s grasp of spiritual truths, and Maitreyi’s scorn of wealth and yearning for Immortality.

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