Prabuddha Bharata January 2022

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This special issue is devoted to the theme ‘Living a meaningful life in a digital World’.

The world we live in is no longer termed as an organic world but as the digital world. This is due to the overwhelming influence digital and communication technology exerting on human beings. In this special issue, an attempt has been made to analyse the pros and cons of the digital revolution including that of Artificial Intelligence and find solutions to various kinds of problems and challenges humanity in general and individuals, in particular, are facing today due to this new phenomenon in the human history.

This topic is a multidiscipline theme covering a variety of areas of human interests including Spirituality, Philosophy, Psychology, Science and Technology, Sociology, Work Ethics and the like. Several eminent authors including monks of the Ramakrishna order, scholars, academicians, technocrats, professionals and young people working in the digital atmosphere have shared their knowledge and experience in dealing with the present scenario to find ways to lead a fruitful and enriched life by adapting eternal values of spirituality, especially Vedanta. The articles presented here are not only of academic interest but also give an illuminating understanding of how to adapt spiritual and ethical values in the digital way of life we are living today.

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