First Issue of Prabuddha Bharata

Prabuddha Bharata: Genesis

Swami Vivekananda fell on the world like a sword blade after his success in the Parliament of Religion in 1893. He naturally wanted an organization whose work would be at the vanguard of the spiritual wave he had raised. Thus came into being the Ramakrishna Movement. His fiery lectures abroad and his epistles to his acquaintances, inspired people everywhere. In Chennai his admirers started a journal, Prabuddha Bharata, or Awakened India. This in a short time would become the voice of this new organization, ‘to bring millions sunk in darkness, to the light of the Lord.’ In July 1896 the first issue of the journal rolled off the press. It is since being published uninterruptedly every month for the last 121 years.

Throughout Prabuddha Bharata’s journey, lack of funds was compensated by an abundance of noble motivation and love for Swamiji. After two years its editor Rajam Iyer passed away suddenly.

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